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1/4/2020 COVID-19 Questions and Answers Article

27/3/2020 Zen Hands moving to electronic consultations. More info

18/3/2020 Sanitiser sourcing. In a clinic.. Read on

14/3/2020 What are we doing at Zen Hands wrt COVID-19 Read post

12/3/20 COVID-19 Personal Preparedness. What we can all do now.

3/1/20 We're open and rearing to go.

26/12/19 Inspiration for the New Year:9 Habits that feed our happiness

28/8/19 Did you now? Interesting history of massage. Read post

12/5/2019 Healing Soup for Mother's Day. Delicious! Make it

5/5/2019 Something in the Air Many upper body issues can be attributed to a whole different problem. Read more

4/5/2019 Fatty fish healthy... not! Important information to keep in mind when trying to eat and stay healthy. Read post

13/2/2019 Updated article on Nano Particles in sunscreens, makeup etc. Very important issues to know. Link

14/1/2019 New Year ideas. I dont like the word goals, it is loaded at best.... Read on

4/1/19 New Year wishes. Wishing you all a terrific 2019. Cheers

26/11/18 In the media: Changing one meal a day benefits your health. An article how changing just one meal can flow into your health and the environment. It has some valuable messages for us all. More

4/10/18 Science of Essential oils studies have been added to the Aroma Resources page. Oh my it is way better than I ever thought. Check them out.

3/10/18 11 reasons to add parsley to your diet everyday. I've had a lot of fun writing this piece.

17/9/18 Soft drink and it's aftereffects. An article on the research into effects on the body post soft drink consumption. Great easy to understand read.

11/9/18 Broccoli is a superfood. An article bringing forth all the goodness we have been overlooking right there in our greengrocers and gardens. So much goodness It definitely deserves the Superfood label. Article

27/7/18 Lecithin is the focus in my "Did you know about" series, a project to research and update you on ways and foods for heathy living. Read on.

20/7/17 Natural Therapies claimability. ATMS has developed a website to help you easily write to the minister on this insurance fiasco. I encourage you to do so for your own sake. Details are here.

4/7/18 Busy Busy. It has been a busy busy and now a specical offer for school holls to help you with the winter chills. Continue to post.

15/6/18 Website updates. Our website has been getting a whole lot of love so apologies if things have broken along the way. Check out my offer. Read On

7/6/18 Bulk wholefoods! The Source Bulk Whole-foods.

What could be better than bulk as in plastic free staple foods? The fact that many are Organic! And either local or Australian. Warm welcome to The Source Bulk Whole-foods. Many hard to get ingredients are available in as little or as much as you desire. See our Wholefoods Page

2/6/18 Workshop - Voice Dialogue and the use of Symbols

A workshop/exploration of Voice Dialogue for deepen self understanding and awareness for improved self and client care. More info

1/6/18 Triclosan studies show it is a danger to our and environmental health.

Studies points to results that are alarming and far reaching Read more

29/5/18 New Article on Depression

I really like putting information on Chinese and East Oriental perspectives on health, healing and living well. Article

24/5/18 What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is really hard to explain in plain terms but I have found a video of a basic session that is really good. More

19/5/18 **** Natural Therapies needs your help ****

Sounds dramatic but it's really simple. Despite of wide opposition your Extras cover has been washed down yet again. Read on.

19/5/18 We have a blog.

Welcome, enjoy reading about the goings on health and otherwise. Read on


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