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Observational Diagnosis

Japanese Needle Therapies, like Shiatsu, are a deep and complex body of therapeutic work that evolved out of Dr manaka's research into Chinese and Korean acupuncture practices. Dr manaka was not only a practitioner but also a researcher and as such, his work has refined and in many ways extended the field of acupuncture. Observation of physical aspects of clients body functioning can and does convey a plethora of information. This page introduces the many aspects of this work.


I come from a background of Shiatsu therapy, and I often combine Japanese Needle Therapies with it. Both determine their diagnosis on a number of sources. Shiatsu is a hands-on therapy so with that I get immediate feedback as to what is hot, cold, toned, raised, stiff, weak, depressed and so on. This is valuable but as I said earlier not the only source. Hara diagnosis makes use of information present in the abdominal area of the body and is an important source.


Manaka / Japanese needling of Li 4I also make use of observational diagnosis. It is really is comprehensive in it's reach by a deep understanding that an ailment will present its self in multiple dimensions.

Our bodies are a tightly interlinked network of subsystems. illnesses, injuries, and other issues do present across a whole spectrum of connected systems.

How one holds their body, in their pulse and in physical and cosmetic areas of their body. I am sure you have seen someone that just looks sick or anaemic. There is a certain look to someone that has a cold and so on.

The voice also speaks volumes regarding your internal state. Recall the last time you walked into a room with an angry person talking? You would have been on instant alert. Their voice would have had a certain edge to it. Loudness too. How about a person you can hardly hear for their quiet thin voice? It indicates a certain weakness in their body state. Can"t stop talking? This too reveals a condition.

This is compre-hensive therapy that depending on your needs can include:


Splayed feet or knok'd knees as well as hunched back speak volumes at the internal and or lifestyle situation playing out.


These are often caused by underlying chronic conditions you may have been dealing with for many years.


Of course it is much more in-depth than these simplistic examples but I hope you get a better picture of how everything informs a treatment if we know where to look and what it is hinting at.





Updated 14/6/18

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