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Envisioning creating, welcoming and sustaining change. Imagination is a very powerful element of our human makeup, one that is often relegated by the mainstream society to childhood games. But what is vision if not imagination with context? Have you ever considered how artists, authors, filmakers, musicians and other creative thinkers come up with their works of art? What is often forgotten is that it is also used by very successful entrepreneurs**, inventors*, designers and is behind many highly functional beings. Is there a successful company that does not have a vision? I think of it as a long held secret that no one ever mentions. In this article I will take your through a powerful process called Envisioning, sometimes also called Visioning. It makes lots of use of the imagination and visualisation to bring forth a vision of you, I hope you not only enjoy it but use it frequently in your life.


To start, let's picture your future life, your ideal situation. Picture what you hold as important and how you wish to engage in it. Take your time and give it time to evolve, mature or strengthen. What does it look like, this ideal place? What are the colours, smells, textures these are all important and none should be dismissed.

To go forth with confidence requires that all our energies are aligned. Our aspirations, values, thoughts, wishes, strengths, imagination are just a few of them. A massive storm needs all the breezes to blow with it and this is what we are doing here, aligning.

Savour this mental picture, explore it and it will become more vivid and substantial, it helps to recall it many times. During your break away, recall it as often as possible, daily, even multiple times. Just before sleep is ideal as is early morning time perhaps after your jog, swim or yoga session.

After you have done this a number of times start to gently add your self into it little bit at a time. One way to do this is via a question - on this perfect day what would be the perfect thing I would love to be doing? Another is via visualisation such as on this perfect day I can see my self doing... I can feel ... I can taste. Again, rushing forward is counterproductive, you have to take your time. Let the process, your inner intuition guide you as far as it is able to. Trust it. At first only a portion is unveiled, don't worry. Trust it. We are taught to think everything through, to foresee all the problems up front. This is how we jam this process. Do you think that a cocon encrusted larvae could think it's way into a butterfly? A kid into a scientist, inventor? If anything they need to imagine it. There is a place for thinking in our lives but in this process it is a minor one.

Give yourself time to repeat this envisioning over and over in unrestricted timeframes. Each time it will be richer and more complete in detail. Play with using other senses - how will it smell, feel?

It might be best to either share the whole process or none of it as negative feedback can be disastrous in shutting you down. If your partner was supportive at the start then engage them via their own practices. Compare your experiences of the process but refrain from intellectualising it. Think of it like describing dream process to each other but with little of the actual dreams.

You will eventually arrive at a place where you can see a fairly rich picture of your surroundings, your functioning within them and many of your individual aspects detailed. It will never be complete or final as the more you revisit this place and this process the richer it wil become. This is the place where you may start to start to see opportunities popping up to realising your vision. Maybe a course or a career in that place. Spend some time nourishing the vision by contacting these individuals. The dialogue will enrich or possibly enable your process. I would however advise against launching your intellect in deciding how to go about it. It can quickly turn into overthinking and disappointment. It often ends up killing your vision as unrealistic, unattainable or just a dream.

Keep revisiting this place as often as necessary to bring in or keep up your inspiration. Engage other people in particular aspects that you are stuck on but keep it light. You want just enough ideas to get beyond the hurdle but not too much feedback to make it hard to stay on your own track. This is useful because it gives you additional fuel for your fire as in your next envisioning session will use this to probe further and in turn reveal more. Ask your self how does this feel? Trust when you get repeat visualisations that are aligned and feel great.


Each of these sessions will bring it's own energy and with that, it's own opportunities. Some call them chance moments other intuition. I say it all starts with a vision. That is how Nelson Mandela changed the course of Africa. "I have a dream...". I think you will agree that was not a small feat. How did Eddisson go from dark streets to electric street lighting? A vision....


Three cheers to your many possibilities.


Updated 16/1/19


References ------------------------------

* Albert Einstein was thought to have said "Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited to all we know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world and all there ever will be to know and understand."

** http://www.envisioning.io How did you go with the above process? What methods have used in the past to get through particularly difficult stages?


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