Hand Massage

This is a very enjoyable simple hand massage that despite it's simplicity is just wonderful to give and even better to receive. After a hard day at work or as part of a cosy night in, what could be better.

As you practice, you will get better and better at it, eventually developing your own way of moving. I will guide you step by step so don't worry.

One hint tho, it is better with soft music and little to no talking allowing your partner's mind to relax and disengage.


Prepare hands with a little exfoliating scrub (optional but good) rinse and dry.

Mix some soothing essential oils such as lavender or geranium into a little almond oil (optional but very nice).

Fold a hand towel to make a little cushion and position your partners hand to rest comfortably on it. Make sure it is supported and that both of you are in a comfortable position suitably relaxed.

Start with partners hand palm down. Apply oil mixture to hand stroking down from the elbow to the finger tips. Repeat this several times slowly.

With both of your thumbs on top of wrist joint, taking your time make little circles using gentle pressure.

Lift your partners hand off the towel. With your thumbs little lower on the wrist push the wrist forward gently causing your partners hand to stretch backwards. Then slowly bring up your thumbs and pull your fingers a little lower and towards you. This should cause your partners hand to stretch forwards.

Support the hand with yours at the wrist and grabbing the fingers with your other hand gently and slowly rotate their hand using full range of motion. Do this first clock wise and then reversing the direction a few times.

Placing their hand back on the towel have your fingers underneath with thumbs on top. Make small circles traveling down in-between the tendons that extend up from each of the fingers. Repeat this several times for each finger.

Turn hand over and gently stroke the back of the wrist joint using alternate thumbs.

Using small circles work the muscle above the thumb all the way down to the thumb. Repeat slowly for each finger.

Placing your fingers underneath again in-between one of the "finger" tendons and the thumb on the opposite area in palm area. Slide your grip using back and forward moves inching slowly towards the finger. Once you reach the finger make several circles over it's joint. Then gripping the finger with a pinch pull on it and slide your grip down the finger ensuring you apply pressure on muscly parts of the finger. Repeat this for each finger.

Stroke their hand gently with yours.


Repeat on the other hand.

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