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Going Gluten Free? Looking into GF Breads

Fancy some wholesome gluten free bread? This article showcases some tasty finds. Read More

My second followup article discusses additional aspects and products. Almost ready, check back soon.

Did you know about ... Goji Berries

Superfoods but can also be problematic. This article discusses the benefits and issues with this delicious berry. Article coming soon.

Research study into effects of Shiatsu on Fibromyalgia shows great results

Researchers National University of health sciences conducted a pilot study with positive results. Read more

Sunlight and Cancer

The effects of the suns golden glow may surprise you Read More

Humble Miso soup - amazing recovery from radiation

Research by Hiromitsu Watanabe points to solid findings on the efficacy of Miso. Study article...

Hand Massage

is wonderfully relaxing to give and even better to receive. Perhaps you would like to treat someone special but not sure how. Let me show you. Continue...

Antibiotics new thinking. No long term effects, think again!

Think again. ABC Report....

Follow your Heart

Surprising "new" research confirms that our heart has far more significance that pumping blood. Article Text


Sometimes it comes from a friend, a leader and frequently from a quote. We can help you with the latter. Many are sprinkled throughout this site but they are also listed here.

Did you know about .... Chia Seeds?

Yep, when a food is so packed with beneficial nutrients as Chia is, it can only be described as a superfood. Want to learn more about it? Read on.

Did you know about .... Broccoli?

A superfood all on it's own, inexpensive and in everyones refrigerator. What's so good about it? Article text coming soon.

Did you know about..... Spirulina

is an incredible rich source of minerals. Article text

Did you know about..... Lecithin

is incredibly important in health of cell membranes and in dealing with fats. Article text.

Did you know about .... Almonds

You're missing out! Absolutely packed with surprising goodness and very easy to consume. Article text

Did you know about .... Turmeric

This golden spice is in almost everyone's pantry but do you know what this powerful ingredient can do for your health? Click here to find out. It really is a superfood!

Did you know about .... Pumpkin Seeds

Absolutely packed with compounds to help you repair and feel good what's not to love? Read much more.

Is your sunscreen causing you serious harm?

Your options for a healthier fun in the sun. Article text

Soy the wonder-food

may indeed be overhyped and over used. But isn't this what happens when corporate marketing meets anything? Article Text.

Sound Asleep

sounds great in theory but all too many people are popping the sleeping tablets.. There is much help that Shiatsu & Chinese medicine can provide. Article text.

Stretch, bring out the inner cat in you

and along the way gain flexibility in form and thinking minimising chance of injuries. A new way to think about stretching and it's integration into your life. Article text.

Treatment of Low Back Pain through Acupressure

This is a research paper outlining the controlled trial. The outcome highlighted the efficacy of acupressure methods in sustained relief of low back pain. The study transcript is available here.

Common pesticides have been implicated by a significant risk in developing ADHD.

This is the strongest endorsement in Organic farming and resultant produce for our health and wellbeing. Article source can be found here.

Multiple studies link autism to mercury, which is still present in most flu vaccines!

One such study published in the December 2010 issue of the journal Folia Neuropathologica explains that the mercury used in vaccines appears to directly cause neurodevelopment disorders like autism. Another study published in the journal Middle East Current Psychiatry states that mercury poisoning and autism have nearly identical symptoms. And a study recently published in the Journal of Immunotoxicology directly states that not only is every major symptom of autism documented in cases of mercury poisoning but also biological abnormalities in autism are very similar to side effects of mercury poisoning itself. Whole article is available here.

Chinese Medicine stimulates immunity via activation of natural killer cells (NK).

Several trials have shown increased NKcell levels after stimulation of specific acupoints. NK cells are thought to be one the natural defence mechanisms which seek out and destroy cancer cells. This evidence based scientific review shows positive light on the effectiveness of this therapy. In these trials the stimulation of points is via special needles in shiatsu the method of point activation is pressure and or moxa. Read more here.

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