Working with Shiatsu treating the bladder meridian
Working on clients with Shiatu gall bladder stretches.
Massaging the back
Healing, de-stressing, un-depressing, uplifting, de-aching, un-anxieting , freeing and sleep deepening.
Working on clients using Shiatsu

Stretching101a1Depression can turn your life into a drag. Chinese medicine can help put the joy and bounce back in.


sunscreenonhandIs your sunscreen a health hazard? Nano particles in products can be harmful to you.


Elements1aDid you know, Parsley is a Superfood?

Yes, this forgotten garnish is actually a superstar.

Elements1Did you know that the humble Broccoli is well and truly an anti-cancer superfood?


Stretching101a1aDid you know about ... Lecithin? It's in every cell of our body. It helps deal with cholesterol and liver health.


Stretching101aStretching and how to integrate it into your life to gain flexibility, mental stability and many benefits.


Gluten Free bread slicesIs gluten making you sick? Gluten-free loaves get a tasting. More info.


Suffering Headaches? Chinese medicine shows helpful steps forward. Read on.


Miso reasearchResearch points to important protective elements of Miso in cases of radioactive exposure and tumours.

Stretching101Stretching and how to integrate it into your life to gain flexibility, mental stability and many benefits.

Almonds are a fantastic treasure-chest of nutrition and superfood all in their own league.


ElementsScientific study shines positive light on Chinese medicine in the fight against cancer.


Liver Detox II, Expanded information on detoxing your excesses away. Part I is available here.


Did you know?....Spirulina is incredibly rich in antioxidants, enzymes etc.

Soy products are fielding quite some flack, why and what does it mean? Is it warranted? Updated article.


Constant tiredness, poor eyesight & memory dry skin are a few hallmark symptoms of Blood Deficiency. Free article on great benefits of Shiatsu treatment for this condition.

FathersDaySpecialFathers Day.Gift Cards bring joy to lucky dads.

Get one for your dad and watch his face glow.


Logo on Want to try our treatments page.Ever wanted to try our treatments but were afraid to ask? Here's your chance. More info.


Is low Libido getting you down? This free article discusses holistic treatment using Shiatsu therapy.


Gluten Free bread slicesWishing everyone a Happy and joyful Mother's Day. Giftcards available here or call.


Gluten Free bread slicesChristmas Giftcards make the perfect present. Who doesn't appreciate relaxing health boosting massage or Shiatsu? Available here or call.

Valentines day WaratahValentine would be proud

Simple and beautiful way to show you love

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3/10/18 11 reasons to add parsley to your diet everyday. I've had a lot of fun writing this piece, hope you get lots out of it.

17/9/18 Soft drink and it's after-effects. Research into just what happens to you after consuming soft drinks is to put it mildly, alarming.

11/9/18 12 reasons to eat Broccoli today. All the incredible goodness we have been overlooking right there in our greengrocers and gardens.

27/7/18 Lecithin is the focus in my Did you know about series, a project to research and update you on ways and foods for heathy living.

20/7/18 Natural Therapies claimability. My assoc. ATMS, has developed this website to make writing to the minister on this insurance fiasco easy and fast. I encourage you to do so.

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7/6/18 Bulk whole-foods! What could be better than that? Organic! Warm welcome to The Source Bulk Whole-foods. Many hard to get ingredients are available in as little or as much as you desire. Wholefoods Directory

2/6/18 Workshop Voice Dialogue Deepen self understanding and awareness for improved self and client care. More

1/6/18 Triclosan, a dangerous ingredient to our health. Relax it's in your pump soap and sanitiser and ...

30/5/18 Ingredients Looking for beautiful produce? We have a page just for that .. Wholefoods Directory Now has Terra Madre details.

29/5/18 New article for our resources section. Depression.

20/5/18 We need your help. Gov Health Ins lunacy. Despite outrage Natural Therapies will lose claimability on your Extras cover. Please add your name to petition. Read on.

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