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Specific massage and remedial techniques are used to access deep muscle and tendon fibres without excessive pain. These release painful trigger points and aid recovery from injuries. Stretches may also be used to release body muscle structures and promote full range of motion.



  • Excellent preparation for sporting and other high performance physical events
  • Very beneficial for injuries, painful muscles, preparation for, and recovery from, competition or sporting events as well as from poor posture and muscle overuse
  • Excellent way to address chronic conditions like frozen shoulder, stiff neck, chronic lower back pain, tight chest, forward stoop, slump shoulders, thoracic stiffness and many more
  • Encourages blood flow and thus tissue repair
  • Strongly enhances flexibility and prevents muscle injuries
  • Organic massage oils
  • Available in 30, 60 or 90 mins duration*


Highly specific and sensitive work - found all the grizzly spots. Just what I needed!



Deep tissue massage is a fantastic way to promote relaxation. It does Handsonback1this by releasing tight muscles fibres and fascia. Dramatically increasing flexibility and range of motion. This in particular helps recover from injuries and prevents future ones.

Massage slows down your heart hate but at the same time improves blood circulation nourishing muscles and organs. It improves cramps, resolves trigger points and tight muscles. Conditions such as lower back pain, tennis shoulder, painful shoulders and tight neck as well as recent injuries benefit greatly. In the same manner it also increases immunity by draining lymph past the lymph nodes.

All this whilst lying relaxed on a comfortable heated table.

* This is on table and consultation time so please allow additional time for dressing, payments etc.


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