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This is a collection of frequently asked questions that I encounter in practice. I hope that they help you understand your body and what I can do to help you overcome problems.

Are treatments claimable?

Yes remedial treatments are indeed claimable but a lot depends on who you are insured through, which policy and which options package you have take out. Please see this page for more details and this blog post for recent changes.

What is a trigger point?

A trigger point (TP) is a tight point within a band of muscle fibre. Depending on the muscle use it may develop an area where the individual muscle fibres are unable to release due to poor blood flow. Muscle held in certain position for extended periods of time commonly exhibit TP's as the very tension restricts the blood flow. Stress, fear, anger all makes us tense up and in case of prolonged tightness may give rise to trigger points. Stretching after first warming up is a great way to stimulate circulation and thus minimise them.

Where does muscle tightness come from?

This is a complex question as muscle tightness can come from many places. Stress is one, cold penetrating into your body, poor posture, wearing back packs or handbags on one shoulder are quite common causes. This is true even if your back pack is empty as it's mere presence on the shoulder will make you raise it to stop it from slipping off. Sedentary lifestyle is also a large factor.

What can I do about cramps?

In the case of cramps in the legs such as calves as well as a massage, a good thing to do is to look into your diet. Magnesium is a mineral that amongst other important functions assists in muscle relaxation. Lack of it often contributes to cramping. Unfortunately the body cannot store much of it and depends on constant absorption of it in conjunction with calcium from our diet. The best way to address this is via diet. Almonds, Kelp, Cashew nuts, Walnuts, Millet, Banana, Beetroot greens, Rice and Lentils are all excellent sources. Excessive consumption of Milk or Alcohol will negatively impact your levels too so you may wish to look into Soy or Rice milks. It is easy to make your own delicious Almond milk. There are other reasons also depending on your levels of physical activity Lactic acid buildup can also be a contributing factor so hydrate up. As always consult a qualified Naturopath for a thorough examination if symptoms persist.

How often should I get a massage?

It's hard to answer this as so much depends on your body and your lifestyle. Generally it is good to receive a massage about once a month for it's calming and soothing properties on the nervous system. It lowers stress and counters some of it's side effects thus if you are in a stressful situation (and who isn't in today's world) or or find yourself fearful and angry on a sustained basis then a massage can be of great benefit as a preventative measure. It also has many physical effects on the body releasing muscles and increasing blood flow so if you are in a sedentary job it will keep you physically and mentally supple. On the other hand if you are physically active these same properties will keep your muscles flexible and thus go a long way in preventing injuries.

Updated 31/1/14

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