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A beautiful, gentle treatment using long soothing strokes to promote relaxation. 

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Very effective in reducing effects of stress and nervous tension by calming the nervous system. Relaxation massage encourages the letting go of long held mild muscle tensions (arming) which often lead to deeper chronic conditions.


  • Perfect pampering present to give that delivers more than just pampering
  • Organic massage oils
  • Available in 30, 60 or 90 mins duration*
  • Suitable for all ages
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  • Book on line or call

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Massage is a fantastic way to promote relaxation. It does this by releasing tight muscles fibres and fascia. Comfortably increasing flexibility and range of motion. This in particular helps recover from injuries and prevents future ones.

Massage slows down your heart hate but at the same time improves blood circulation nourishing muscles and organs. It improves cramps, trigger points and tight muscles. In the same manner it also increases immunity by draining lymph past the lymph nodes. And increasing your sense of connectedness and happiness via the virtue of physical touch and nurturing.

All this whilst lying relaxed on a comfortable heated table.


* This is on table and consultation time so please allow additional time for dressing, payments etc.

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