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After Shiatsu

Have you just received a Shiatsu treatment? If so then this page is for you. By following these simple steps you will extend treatment's benefits further and better prepare your body to continue healing.

After treatment and following day:

You may experience feeling lightheaded, overwhelmed or just plain tired. Don't worry, if you have been running on adrenalin as many people do, the deep release in your body will mean that you no longer need it. Whilst your body adjusts this is quite common and normal. Get plenty of early sleep, drink lots of filtered warm water. Green or herbal teas are excellent but avoid coffee and fatty foods. Warm soups such as Miso are great as are simple meals. The idea being to nourish but not overload.

Day 2:

A little yoga or gentle stretching is quite beneficial. You may have received specific stretches or Yogas, do these. A list is available here to jog your memory. Unless specifically instructed, go about your business as normal being aware that your body is taking in changes resulting from your treatment so give yourself some leeway. You may feel quite different, centered, calm and relaxed. Use this time to nurture yourself, and start to address issues highlighted during your treatment. Make plans, and sieze these new aspects of you emerging.

It is good to note that if you have a chronic condition ie one that has been present for a while, it will also take some time and ongoing treatments to resolve it. Deep habits are harder to shift. Allow your self time for healing. Nevertheless you should be feeling a lot more centered and stable.

You cannot experience peace inDay 3 onwards:

It may be tempting to jump into your day but do not forget to do meditation and any stretches or yoga. This is particularly important if you have been given specific ones to do. It is early times and your body needs to have resources available to keep supporting your healing.

The best way is to incorporate them into your day, for example, doing breathing exercises as you stretch on waking, or do a little twisting and a side stretch just before showering. Once or twice a week it is good to do a yoga class from start to finish just to fully warm up and do a whole routine of strengthening, breathing and allowing time for nurturing you.

* Coffee and black tea will re-trigger the adrenalin phase and fatty foods are hard to digest and clogging.

Updated 6/10/17

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