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Shiatsu is a deeply relaxing therapy that uses acupressure and other techniques to reach levels from physical muscles, organs and tissues to energetic and beyond. This page discusse the many aspects of this complex and deeply healing form of holistic therapy. It's origins are from Japan and China. It is a retreat for your mind and body, literally.


Shiatsu is quite rhythmic, opening, releasing and very soothing. This is where your body is able to let go of deeply held tensions and process (thoughts, emotions, traumas, etc). Clinical Shiatsu is a sophisticated hands-on holistic therapy that is able to address many issues whilst actually feeling great. Chinese Medicine framework of 5 Elements, acupoints and meridian channels (3) are used for diagnosis and acu-pressure(2).

The state of deep release is a highly beneficial for your nervous system in as much as it calms the stress hormones (adrenaline and cortisol) responsible for the natural fight or flight modes. Just in doing that it is already doing wonders for your untagging and general wellbeing.


Picture tells a thousand words but a video ... (It is by UK shiatsu school)

Shiatsu Society UK from Stick in Mind on Vimeo.

If I think it is appropriate, and with your agreement, I can incorporate Japanese Needle Therapy as part of the overall treatment. It is a highly refined system of using very fine needles to effect deep patterns of chronic nature. More information and associated other methods are discussed on their own pagee.

Shiatsu therapy is comprehensive, enjoyable and able to bring natural relief to many many ailments and illnesses from:


This is compre-hensive therapy that depending on your needs can include:

(sense of connection to neighbourhood, family, grounding i.e.connection to body), emotions right through to spiritual connection (belonging, sense of connection to devine, deep contentedness, inner knowing, peace, connection to your higher self) .... getting right to the root cause of the problem. A truly holistic therapy.


Physical symptoms

We already mentioned blocked energy flows and painful muscles. In addition it treats postural distortions such as hunched back pelvic alignment, walking gait, shoulder and wrist issues. Other physical issues treated are headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, lower back pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder,
cramps, heart palpitations, injury recovery.

Organ disharmonies

digestion problems, sight weakness, sinus congestion, lack of energy, insomnia, fluid retention, fertility, immune system weakness, recovery from surgery, chronic fatigue.

Energetic disharmonies

Headaches, migraines, palpitations, ungroundedness, over excitement, sleep problems.


Emotional disharmonies

Thank you Miro for today;) was such an amazing Shiatsu! I was so impressed! Satomi

After a shiatsu massage with Miro, I feel energised and a sense of deep calmness at the same time. His space is exactly how I would picture a shiatsu venue in Japan, very zen and welcoming. J C

I enjoyed very much the shiatsu session with you. It was very gentle and relaxing. I felt calm and balanced after the session.
Thank you for your warm and caring touch.

It was very friendly and easy to relax with, very nice environment. Penny


Anxiety, depression, grief, low moods, and many many others.


Shiatsu helps correct and restore balance in the disrupted or blocked energy flows. Organs work less because they are more efficient, thoughts are clear because the mind is nourished and has

appropriate resources available enabling you to experience life’s challenges with ease and far greater resilience.


Shiatsu is truly a holistic therapy that is dynamic, effective and gentle.

Treatment is performed on a comfortable low mat while you are fully clothed.


Still have some questions?

Why not check my Questions and Answers (FAQ) page here or simply call.

Prices for Shiatsu are:

90 minutes $110,
60 mins $85.

Most sessions are 90 minutes because there is quite a lot to fit in to a Shiatsu treatment.

Having said that, if, however you only have an hour then I will do my best to care for you within that timeframe. We can always continue at a follow up session when you have more time.

Another consideration is if you are particularly thin and often cold then it is more appropriate to have a number of shorter treatments.

Should you have strict time constraints please mention this at the start as generally I prefer to complete what we set out to do in preference to strict finishing times. This typically happens in most sessions and I do not charge for that.


Are you ready to deeply relax and take your health to next level?

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(1) Structures being muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, skin, intestines and other organs.


(2) Acupressure points are also known as acupuncture points. These have various functions in manipulating or controlling energetic flows known as Qi, Blood and body fluids. They do this either directly or by affecting the function of glands and other organs. The use of acupoints falls under Chinese medicine theoretical systems such as the 5 element model, 3 Burner model and so on where their functions as systemised and understood underpinned by 3000 years of research, development and careful observation by thousands and thousands of practitioners.

(3) Energetic pathways is a generic term meaning Meridian Channels on which acu points (acupuncture points) mark critical places. Stimulating these points affects the connected organs and or processes within the body.


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