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Natural therapies have been in my life since I was fairly young. In those days it was massage I did on my dad after a hard day at work. I have many memories of his nods of appreciation. I then launched into a 23 year successful career in electronics and later information systems design as a Systems Analyst. I became rather good at getting into how systems worked and where their weaknesses were and development need to happen. Much time was spent in labs analysing performance and working with systems developers.....developing better, faster, more reliable and more secure computer networks.

MiroAfter much reflection and a terrible cycling accident I decided to change the focus in my life to my wellbeing. Having made use of lots of massage and acupuncture in my recovery (many thanks to Holly) I enrolled in a rather lengthy but comprehensive course at the Southern School of Natural Therapies. That was 2006 and I now hold a certificate (c4) from this school and in hindsight, am very grateful for the thoroughness of their course.

Nothing happens unless we firstWhilst pursuing these massage therapy studies I chose to undertake a 1 year subject about a Japanese therapy called Shiatsu. On the first or maybe the second class, I experienced my first ever treatment using Shiatsu. Clumsy, awkward, being administered by a fellow student .... and to say I was hooked would be an understatement. Actually, I have never known or felt that level of calm. Perhaps a better expression would be presence within my self. I left that class feeling so at peace and so alive that it actually took a day or so to reach a realisation that I simply must know how this is possible. I passed those subjects with high distinction and to this day keep in touch with my teacher Barbara. We touched on something very deep.

This is how Shiatsu entered my life. Ever since that very day I have looked for opportunities to deepen my knowledge and perform this powerful therapy. Many deep lunchtime and dinner conversations have ensued. Shiatsu has incredible potential to further your wellbeing without drugs and mostly very little discomfort.

Today in the west there are two wellbeing trends. The older, and until recently the dominant one, is negative psychology. It is based on attacking a health problem that has come to your attention. You wouldn't go to a therapist until you were aware of the problem; then the therapist would seek a solution. This traditional solution is being complemented with a positive one which asks: What wholesome qualities might we cultivate to achieve above average health? How can we accentuate the positive?

Adapted from Happiness, B Allan Wallace

In 2012 my studies into Shiatsu and Chinese Medicine at the Australian Shiatsu College came to a close. What an incredible journey it has been. Every single subject whilst being so incredibly challenging has been transformative.... in understanding, in a deeper view, in so many countless ways. This is the way of Chinese Medicine.....

In 2016 I dove deep into Clinical Japanese Needling or advanced acupoint work using needles. This is indeed deep work for the soul but having said that, it is also equally excellent for muscular and other physical ailments like burns. Yes it does use needles but it isn't limited to them. Moxibustion, cupping and so on are indeed used and enhanced by Dr Manaka's research.

To say that this is the end however seems somehow inappropriate. Like a moth to a flame....or adding fuel to a fire, it is has flared up to another level. This is a path that takes a lifetime to master.

I'm never sure just which step is next. Will it be Deep somatic work? Yoga studies? Deep immersion into nature? Probably all of them at some point. I like to flow with my inner energies. We'll see.

With deep gratitude, I would like to pay homage to my teachers of which there are many - too many to mention, you know who you are. You have all deeply touched me and taken me on a journey to beautiful, incredible places. A willing participant with a recalcitrant mind. You have taken me further, much further on the path than I ever knew. The ever unfolding path.

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