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About Zen HandsGenerally our treatments are claimable however in practice there are quite a few factors that need to be taken into account. Hopefully this page can shed some light onto an often confusing subject of insurance and what can I claim now that I have paid out all that money.


*** This is a rapidly changing situation due to recent government changes. Please read this blog entry for more information. ***

Firstly, check that your insurance company is amongst those listed below. Many do not cover alternative therapies or the type of work I do.


- Australian Health Management
- Australian Regional Health Group (ARHG)
ACA Health benefits fund,
Cessnock District Health'
CUA Health (Creditcare),
Defence Health Partners,
GMF Health (Goldfields Medical Fund),
GMHBA (Geelong Medical),
Health Care Insurance Limited,
Health Partners,
HIF (Health Insurance Fund of WA),
Latrobe Health Services,
Lysaght Peoplecare,
MDHF (Mildura District Hospital Fund),
Navy Health Fund,
TreatmentRoom1 Onemedifund,
Phoenix Welfare,
Police Health Fund,
Queensland Country Health,
Railway and Transport,
Teachers Union Health,
St Lukes,
Teachers Federation,
Transport Health,
- Australian Unity Health Ltd (Provider No:21114231),
- CBHS Health Fund Ltd


- BUPA and associated member funds (Provider No C041722)
Mutual Community
- Manchester Unity,
- Medibank (Provider No 1431051H),
- AHM,
- Australian Unity (Provider No:21114231),
- Grand United
- GU Health
- Frank Insurance

Secondly, check the type of your cover. Many insurers only allow claims for alternative therapies to be made if you have a particular extras option or a certain level of cover. These go under many names so check that yours does cover alternative therapies. This is the same for optical and dental as in only certain levels of cover or certain options allow for these.

Thirdly, your insurer or cover may only cover certain types of treatment for example deep tissue, remedial but not relaxation or Shiatsu but not massage. Ensure that the type of treatment that you are seeking is covered and then tell me that this is what you wish to receive.

Fourthly, check that you have sufficient points available. Most insurers will only accepts claims up to a certain yearly total. If you are over this threshold your claim will be denied.

If in doubt it is best to give your insurance company a call and check.

Provider number in general is - 22596 (ATMS) however some insurers issue their own: Medibank Private use 1431051H
BUPA/HBA use C041722
Australian Unity 21114231.


Updated 15/5/18

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