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Full of great information and tips helping you stay heathy, relaxed and focussed.

Moving with the times I now publish smaller more timely updates on facebook.

Spring 2014, Issue 17

Liver and developing a vision. Chinese medicine in Spring. Massage news. Inspiration for the new you. Please register.

Winter 2014, Issue 16

Supporting your wellbeing through Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu and Massage not to forget good diet. Dont miss out.

Summer 2014, Issue 14

In this issue.. Whats new in clinic. Summer tips for healthy you. Things to cook up. Article on Chia seeds and lots more. Out Now, sign up to receive it.

Spring 2013, Issue 13

Wood element, Liver detox, Almond magic, Shiatsu Massage and lovely foods. Subscription only.

Winter 2013, Issue 12

Warming foods, foods for the water element, Shiatsu, TCM and Massage news. Subscription and clients only.

Autumn 2013, Issue 11

Improving digestion, what's new, Shiatsu & TCM health, massage info and something inspiring for you. Subscription and clients only.

Summer 2013, Issue 10

Thinking about Joy, clinic news, Shiatsu & TCM tips on health, massage info. Lots of inspiration for you. Subscription and clients only.


feel free to enjoy the earlier editions:

Winter 2012, Issue 8

Shiatsu corner / Winter cuisine / Sound Asleep, Aromatherapy corner, Clinic news, Massage Corner, Inspiration and lots more. Read it

Autumn 2012, Issue 7

Autumn cuisine, Aromatherapy Corner, Clinic News, Sunscreen Info, Soy Info, Inspiration... Enjoy

Summer 2011, Issue 6

Summer Joyful summer, Summer Eating, Clinic News, Massage Corner, Zen Shop, Inspiration, Humour Continue to Issue

Spring 2011, Issue 5

Spring is here but how to work with it's energies. Spring cuisine. What's new in clinic. Health fads. Zen Shop. Humour and inspiration. Continue to read...

Winter 2011, Issue 4

Seasonal Qi cycle - Winter & wintery foods, What's new in clinic, Massage corner - cramps, Humour, Inspiration and much more. Continue to read...

Autumn 2011, Issue 3

Seasonal Qi cycle - Autumn menu, What's new in clinic, Your questions answered, Competition, Humour, Inspiration and much more. Continue to read...

Summer 2011, Issue 2

Seasonal Qi cycle - Summer Eating, What's New in clinic, Your Questions Answered, Humour Inspiration and much more. Continue to read...

Spring 2010, Issue 1

Seasonal Qi cycle is in all of us and affects us sometimes quite profoundly. Your Questions Answered, Humour and more. Continue to read....

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